1. Mr Bones. Cape Vulture. Radical Raptors. © Nick Aldridge 2014

    (Source: nickaldridge.co.za)

  2. On the road through nowhereland to the sea with a plastic 50mm lens, a beautiful girl and a couple of boards.

  3. A nice little tearsheet from Medi-Clinic’s Magazine.

    Shot on Lake Malawi.

  4. Kim Williams Meaker riding Huntingdon.

    Image ©Nick Aldridge 2014

  5. Kim Williams Meaker riding Huntington.

    Personal Photography.

    All Images ©Nick Aldridge 2014

    (Source: nickaldridge.co.za)

  6. Abigail. Forest Dance. 2014

    All Images © Nick Aldridge 2014


    Styling: Dominique Hazell

  7. Muse. 2014

    © nick aldridge 2014


  8. Note from the field:

    I tried to introduce my assistant to a beautiful girl.
    He’s engaged and working to earn lobola (the bride-price Xhosa men have to pay the bride’s family) but has an eye for the ladies.
    ‘Dont tempt me!’ He says, ‘you never leave a cabbage and a goat alone in a room!’

  9. Craig. The pony guide. All love no hate.

  10. Surrender.