1. Joe, the lighthouse and the hunter in the sky.

    (Source: )

  2. Another astounding moment of physical poetry with Simon Borg-Olivier.

  3. Dylan Esbach for Rockville2069.

    Artscape Theatre, Cape Town.

    World Premiere 1st September 2014

  4. Rockville2069 banner on the side of Artscape Theatre, Cape Town.

    Featuring a shot we did of Dylan Esbach. Always nice to see my work being used properly!

  5. Simon Borg-Olivier. Flowing deep in the Forest.

    Master Yoga Teacher.

    Cape Town, South Africa.

    ©Nick Aldridge 2014

  6. Kim Meaker and Huntingdon. Forest Rider.

    ©Nick Aldridge 2014

    Lighting from SunshineCo.

  7. Simon Borg-Olivier. Master Yoga Teacher.

    Deep in the flow, deep in the forest in the heart of Cape Town.

    Image © Nick Aldridge 2014

    Special thanks to …




  8. Mr Bones. Cape Vulture. Radical Raptors. © Nick Aldridge 2014

    (Source: nickaldridge.co.za)

  9. On the road through nowhereland to the sea with a plastic 50mm lens, a beautiful girl and a couple of boards.

  10. A nice little tearsheet from Medi-Clinic’s Magazine.

    Shot on Lake Malawi.