1. Charlie, African Eagle Owl. Radical Raptors. Charlie was meant to be in the most recent shoot, but he flew away and sat watching us work for most of the first day of shooting from the top of a tree. Rascal! This was from a previous visit to Radical Raptors.

    © Nick Aldridge. 2014

  2. Barney and Dennis. Radical Raptors. 

  3. republicx:

    Horses in the dark by Nick Aldridge

    Yes, guys. Black and White post again. Sorry for that, but I couldn’t resist to no upload this posts. Photographer Nick Aldridge shoot several horses in the studio for his own and personal project. Artist highlighted great parts of this animal (muscular). We can’t see the horse in the full view but that just gives us a bigger chance to focus on particular parts of the body. 

  4. Mr. Bones, again. Radical Raptors. He looks and sounds like a feathered dragon and thinks Dennis Robson is his Mommy. Love this guy!

    (Source: nickaldridge.co.za)

  5. Joe, the lighthouse and the hunter in the sky.

    (Source: )

  6. Another astounding moment of physical poetry with Simon Borg-Olivier.

  7. Dylan Esbach for Rockville2069.

    Artscape Theatre, Cape Town.

    World Premiere 1st September 2014

  8. Rockville2069 banner on the side of Artscape Theatre, Cape Town.

    Featuring a shot we did of Dylan Esbach. Always nice to see my work being used properly!

  9. Simon Borg-Olivier. Flowing deep in the Forest.

    Master Yoga Teacher.

    Cape Town, South Africa.

    ©Nick Aldridge 2014

  10. Kim Meaker and Huntingdon. Forest Rider.

    ©Nick Aldridge 2014

    Lighting from SunshineCo.